American Thanksgiving Day: Thanksgiving is a national holiday of the United States. The United States celebrates Thanksgiving Day annually on the fourth Thursday of November. Being both a harvest festival and a family festival, it covers both religious and secular aspects. So, what’s your planning for Thanksgiving Day 2019? The date of Thanksgiving in the United States differs from that in Canada. Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. It is an occasion to show gratitude for the achievements and prosperity in life. On Thanksgiving Day families and friends gather for a feast. The meal traditionally includes vegetables and potatoes, gravy stuffing and roast turkey with cranberry sauce. Let’s now explore lesser-known Thanksgiving Day Facts.

Thanksgiving Day Facts
Thanksgiving Day Facts

When is American Thanksgiving Day 2019?

Some towns and cities observe extraordinary parades during the Thanksgiving weekend. The day after this day is known as Black Friday. As a result of this, it is a long holiday weekend in More Than 20 States of USA. It’s common in the US to take trips to visit friends and family during the long weekend. In the year 2019, Thanksgiving Day falls on fourth Thursday of November, i.e. 28 November.


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Google results on Thanksgiving Day 2019
Google results on Thanksgiving Day 2019

Why is Thanksgiving Day celebrated only on the fourth Thursday of November month?

Thanksgiving Day fun fact: Until 1939 from 1863, America celebrated the national Thanksgiving Day on the last Thursday of November as per the rule imposed by President Abraham Lincoln. Later, in 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declares that national celebration for Thanksgiving Day will happen on the fourth Thursday of November instead. of the last i.e. fifth Thursday.

Why the change?

The main intention behind the change was the extension of the shopping season before Christmas. This was done to help the country bring out from the Great Depression. However, Thanksgiving Day in 1949 and 1941 was held on the third Thursday. But, from December 1941, the Thanksgiving celebration started to happen on the fourth Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving celebration
Thanksgiving celebration

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History Behind Thanksgiving Day:

Quick Historic Facts about Thanksgiving Day:

  1. In the year 1598, first Thanksgiving Day held in the city of El Paso, Texas.
  2. In the year 1619, an event of the celebration of Thanksgiving held in the Colony of Virginia.
  3. 1621: Associated with the celebration of the harvest that the Pilgrims celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This feast lasted three days. 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims attended it.
  4. 1623: Pilgrims gave thanks for the rain that ended a drought.

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